The G-Shot® or G-Spot Amplification® is a patent pending method of augmenting the Grafenberg Spot with a bioengineered human high molecular weight hyaluronan product. In short the G-Shot® produces a G-Spot about the size of a “quarter” in diameter with an internal projection of about 3-5 mm. The G-Shot is an office based procedure that takes fifteen to twenty minutes from start to finish (the actual injection is about 5 seconds). The G-Shot last about 4 months (results do vary) and requires repeat injection (on a quarterly basis) to maintain the effect.

Collagen injection into the vagina (trans-vaginal or trans-urethral) has been used for the treatment of intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD) 1-35. The use of periurethral injections to restore the continence mechanism by increasing outflow resistance was first described in 1938 by Murless14. Periurethral bulking was not popularized until the 1970s when polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) was reintroduced by Berg, and subsequently by Politano15,16. Collagen injection into the vagina is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of ISD (FDA Establishment Registration Numbers: 1018233; 2134494; 9046949). G-Spot Amplification (GSA) (augmentation of the G-Spot with a specially designed collagen) is an off label use (not FDA approved) based upon the above information. As you know there are many drugs used by physicians in an off label manner. In fact a number of the fillers used for ISD and SUI are off label.

In a pilot study of GSA, we found that 87% of women reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification. During the procedures there were no complications noted and GSA appeared to be safe. In fact, with the review of the literature, less than 1% of the studies for a high molecular weight hyaluronan treatment of ISD/SUI showed any complications at all. The reported minor complication in the review of the literature was urinary retention which resolved with catheterization, bladder infection and hematuria (all self limiting).