Q: Does the G-Shot® hurt?
A: No it doesn’t. Patients are given a local anesthetic via a tiny needle before the G-Shot® thus making it painless.

Q: How long does the G-Shot® take?
A: The actual injection takes less than 8 seconds. The preparation for the G-Shot® (consultation, consent, examination and measurements) takes about 25-30 minutes.

Q: How long does the effects of the G-Shot® last?
A: The effects last for about 4 months. Results do vary.

Q: Is the G-Shot® safe?
A: The G-Shot® is safe and the risks are rare (see about safety).

Q: Does the G-Shot® make it easy for me to find my G-Spot?
A: The G-Shot® makes it easier to locate the G-Spot.

Q: Can I continue to use tampons with the G-Shot®?
A: There is no problem with using tampons after the G-Shot®.

Q: Can the G-Shot® product move out of place?
A: After placement the G-Shot® remains in its original position.

Q: After my first G-SHOT® is the next procedure quicker?
A: The next procedure is quicker because all the measurements are maintained in your record and the entire process is expedited resulting in only placement of the G-Shot®.

Q: Does the G-Shot® help you to become in tune with your G-Spot?
A: The G-Shot® can help you become in tune to your G-Spot.

Q: How does the G-Shot® program help me to find my G-Spot?
A: In the consultative portion of the program, the physician will provide the information and assistance you with the knowledge to locate your G-Spot.

Q: Does the G-Shot® heighten awareness of the G-Spot?
A: The G-Shot® can heighten awareness of the G-Spot (results do vary).

Q: Does the G-Shot® have any hormones in it?
A: The G-Shot® is natural and it doesn’t contain any hormones.

Q: Does the G-Shot® affect my period?
A: The G-Shot® should not affect the period.